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yours the important source for clinical prospects are the doctors recognized in a society in cardiovascular medicine

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Brief a note and comments

Estimation of risk of a bleeding at patients

New system of points can facilitate clinical decisions.

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Encouraging results of application modern means

Collected in current of year results of extensive research testify that MISINFORMATION are safe, no less than.

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Стент recipients in SCAAR: long-term activity

Дес and БМС were similar parameters of death rate, but it has been considerably reduced in the countries with a high risk level of sick.

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What to apply?

Example of proceeding in occasion of use of these preparations.

Sample of the editorfrom all magazine

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Mixed influence of medicines on cardiovascular diseases

Next example of proceeding.

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Supervising principles of long-term use NSAID

Commission of experts has developed algorithm for use NSAID at patients with various a gastroenteric path and cardiovascular system.

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Angiography with a low degree of risk and a pain in a breast of the patient?

In the majority of the countries with a low risk level of patients which have passed have been written out, and anybody after that did not suffer intimate frustration within 30 days.

Brief a note and comments

Treatment statins

Even together with ААР and new supervising principles for treatment, some teenagers, will be nevertheless соотвествоваит to criteria for the pharmacological control.

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 Harlan Krumholz, MD, SM
H Hurmholz
Harold H. Heinz, younger, the professor of medicine, Cardiovascular medicine, Worker Jelskogo of university, faculty of medicine

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